Protecting Elderly Parents

Alzheimer’s and dementia are afflictions no one wants to see their aging parents suffer through. Unfortunately, these diseases are a sad reality for many families. Whether you choose to care for your elderly parents at home or have them live in a special care facility, it’s important for them to wear an Alzheimer’s bracelet at all times, in case of emergency.

Even under the most watchful eyes, an elderly person with Alzheimer’s or dementia is still likely to find a way to slip out of sight. If this ever happens, then you want to be sure that your elderly parent or patient is wearing an Alzheimers bracelet. Alzheimer’s bracelets clearly say Alzheimer’s on the front and list emergency contact information on the back so emergency personnel or good Samaritans can help your reunite with your missing parent. Give yourself peace of mind by getting your elderly loved one an Alzheimer’s bracelet.

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