Children’s Medical ID Bracelet a Good Buy

Lifeguarding is the easiest job in the world, until something goes wrong. I learned this when I worked as a lifeguard at a day camp during my teenage years. Most days the hardest thing I had to do was whistle at the kids to stop climbing on their counselors. It was rare to have to rescue anyone in the water; a good lifeguard will spot warnings well before a drowning can occur. Emergencies were more likely to happen out of the water on the pool deck.

One such emergency happened when a little girl suddenly had a seizure before her first swim lesson of the day. Fortunately, lifeguard training covers seizures, and we stabilized the little girl until the seizure passed. Her parents took her to the hospital and her regular doctor to make sure she was okay, and came away with a diagnosis of epilepsy. I suggested to her parents that they buy a children’s medical id bracelet in case their daughter ever had an episode where people weren’t aware of her condition. The little girl got to pick out a bracelet with a stylish band, and grew accustomed to telling everyone about her epilepsy bracelet.

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